B2B Branding: what to expect in 2020

By Wunderdogs

1. Consistency is queen:

A recent Lucidpress study revealed consistent branding across all platforms and channels has been shown to increase revenue by an average of 33%. Large corporations have been championing the importance of brand consistency and brand compliance for years, but it will be an area of exploration for mid to small companies (including start ups) as we move into 2020. Expect to see an increased investment in cloud-hosted brand management software as employees across all job functions invest more hours into ensuring their output complies with brand guidelines. With 24/7 access to pre-approved assets these platforms arm employees with the tools and knowledge they need to create assets of their own. Removing unnecessary feedback loops and freeing up the brand team in the process.

2. Digital-first Logos:

Expect to see two (quite different) B2B branding logo trends for in 2020, so pick your side and do not look back. With dozens of household names recently stripping back their logos the minimalist approach of the last couple of years is here to stay — expect to see simplified lettering, reduced color options and basic logomarks.

3. Green is the new pink:

A study by the University of Loyola reveals color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. In recent years the importance of color has been recognised by businesses in both the B2B and B2C space. Blue has come to dominate branding in the tech industry, reds have been used alongside blue by those in healthcare and green has unsurprisingly become synonymous with renewables. This year expect to see (drum roll….) neomint!! Goodbye and good riddance millennial pink!

4. Typography:

5. Stock is (kind of) dead:

B2B designers rejoice! For too long we’ve been forced to scour the web looking for generic off-the-shelf images for websites, social posts and brochures. It’s time to get creative. Brands of the future recognize that to stand out personality and values must be reflected in their image choice. Custom illustrations will return to the B2B space in volume, a totally unique medium through which to tell your story.

6. Icons will evolve:

The basic icon sets we know and love / hate are overused, many haven’t changed since Clipart and nothing drags us back to the 90s like a black and white graph vector. In the world of B2B icons serve a purpose and their function is unlikely to change, however their designs are limited only by our imagination making 2020 the year of custom iconography.

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